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The NetCAT 7.1 introductory chat was held on 09/09/2011(dd/mm/yy). The chat was headed by Jiri Kovalsky, NetBeans Community Manager in special presence of Marian Mirilovic, NetBeans Quality Engineering manager. I attended the chat and found it very useful for those who want to contribute to the testing of the NetBeans IDE development builds.

The whole chat was very informative and included many useful links for a NetCAT participant. Being a NetCAT participant  i wished to have all of them listed in one single place. So, here i have listed all the useful links mentioned in the introductory chat and also added a few more that I found important.

1. If you want to know what is NetCAT all about visit :


2. If you wish to see the existing NetCAT participants visit:


3.  If you wish to see NetCAT Tribe which is a group of few NetCAT participants focusing primarily on testing one particular functionality area visit:


4. This link answers almost all your queries regarding NetCAT:


5. NetBeans active users base has exceeded 1 million developers. See here 🙂


6. Team of NetBeans engineers who are subscribed to netcat@netbeans.org mailing list and who are also expected to monitor NetCAT web forum.


7. This page lists all of the new tutorials that should work with NetBeans IDE    7.0.


8. This provides useful guidelines on how to file a Bug.


9. This gives an archive of all the activity going on NetCAT mailing list.


10. See here for activity comparison from NetCAT 7.0


11. See here for the NetBeans release roadmap which defines what the NetBeans open source project strives to achieve


12. Last but not the least to subscribe to this NetCAT program add your record to a registration Wiki page and subscribe to netcat@netbeans.org mailing list. 🙂 🙂 


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