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NUG Nagpur had organized a two days Netbeans Platform Training at Infospectrum Nagpur on 27th and 28th Nov 2010 .

As a beginner of learning Netbeans platform i always used to find it difficult to start learning it. Even before trying to develop something and learning from the tutorials available online on Netbeans platform i used to think that its out of my reach.

Then i came to know about NUG Nagpur and joined it.Here we step by step began to know about Netbeans  through proper links to the tutorials suggested by Tushar Joshi sir who is heading this group. Having done that then Tushar Joshi sir organized this Netbeans Platform Training program and believe me after attending it my view has changed.  It has inspired me that what one needs to do is just to start exploring it step by step and believe me friends once you get into exploring Netbeans platform you cant help getting out of it. It has a pool of facilities created already by Netbeans platform developers across the world plus a large compatibility for what you can yourself develop inside it.

The training was a live interaction and covered the most important API s of Netbeans platform. We were 17 participants who did this training. We also had people from Canada and Togo attending this training. We are thankful to Geertjan Wielenga Sir who spent his valuable time to make this training possible. His teaching was very understandable and he was very patient while we were trying the demos as taught by him. As i mentioned earlier it was an interactive teaching so we asked doubts and no matter how simple or complex they may be they were cleared nicely by Tushar Joshi sir and Geertjan Wielenga Sir .We are now Netbeans Certified Associate. 🙂

I have never attended such a nice interactive training before.  Its a noteworthy point that no one in India has initiated such a training program. I am thankful to Tushar Joshi Sir because of whom we got such a nice platform to start our learning of Netbeans platform. I hope more trainings like this can be conducted and soon we would be able to contribute to the Netbeans platform and become a Netbeans Certified Enginner . 🙂

I suggest all those who want to start their learning of Netbeans Platform to come and join NUG Nagpur which is the best platform to learn Netbeans Platform 🙂

This is the group photo of the participants of the Training :


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