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While working in Netbeans IDE we often need some most frequently used tools. And invoking these tools right from their actual location , each time we need them is a tedious job. Instead we can add our own toolbar to meet our frequent requirements. So here i will show you  how we can group our own set of tools under one toolbar which we can create on our own.

In the Netbeans editor in the menu bar go to View->Toolbars->Customize…

following dialogue box would open..

Now click on New Toolbar…and in the dialog box that opens, give the desired name for new toobar. Say “utility” and click OK to proceed.

Now we can see that it shows the new toolbar added by us “utility”

We can now drag and drop the tools we desire to add to this toolbar “utility” from the same dialogue box as shown below:  suppose we want to add “step into” tool then select it and without releasing the mouse drag and drop it into this toolbar “utility”.

Then we can see that the “step into” tool has been added into the toolbar like this :

After that we can add as many tools as we want. Suppose we have added more tools then it will look like this:

If you want to hide this self made toolbar then right click on it and uncheck your toolbar “utility” from it.

At anytime if we want to delete this toolbar we can simply click on the Reset Toolbar as can be seen on the snapshot above  and this newly added toolbar will be removed from there.


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